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Finding an oil change service that you can trust in Salt Lake City doesn’t need to be difficult. Jerry Lambert Automotive has the tools and experience to give your car the care it deserves.

Motor oil has a variety of purposes. One of its most important jobs is to lubricate the different parts of your engine. There are multiple moving parts in an engine, and each one requires a substantial amount of lubrication to move smoothly and to reduce the heat created by friction. Without motor oil, your engine will wear down fast and would eventually break down.

The friction between every moving part creates intense amounts of heat. With proper lubrication, this heat is reduced as the oil decreases the friction created. By reducing the friction, motor oil allows your engine to run smoothly while decreasing the chances of over-heating.

An engine that runs smoothly and doesn’t over-heat is more likely to operate more efficiently. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy says that an engine that is well-lubricated can improve the gas mileage of a vehicle by up to 2% over time. This can translate to saving at least a gallon of gas every year for regular cars.

Although motor oil is an essential part of any vehicle, this too needs regular replacing. Over time, motor oil breaks down and turns thick, creating what technicians call sludge. This sludge needs to be cleaned out regularly to preserve the efficiency of the engine.

If an engine is running at peak performance, the chances of it breaking down decrease as time passes. This can be achieved through regular maintenance and regular oil changes. Contact Jerry Lambert Automotive today, and we’ll help you figure out when is the most optimal time for your vehicle to receive an oil change, and which type of motor oil to use.

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