Fuel Saving Tip: Slow Down in Salt Lake City

There’s not much Salt Lake City drivers can do about the price of gas in ?Utah, but we can control - up to a point - how much we use. Our driving habits can dramatically affect our fuel economy.

The first thing we can do is watch the go-pedal. Hard acceleration just sucks the gas. Gently leave stop lights and plan lane changes so you don’t need to floor it. That can save you hundreds of dollars a year in improved gas mileage.

Go a little slower on Utah expressways. Salt Lake City drivers who go more than 65 miles an hour (105 kilometers per hour) will see their gas mileage drop dramatically. Leave early so you don’t need to rush to be on time. And cruise control is your friend – steady speeds use less gas.

Plan errands ahead. Make fewer trips by combining errands around Salt Lake City.

Hey at current Salt Lake City gas prices, a lead-foot might as well be a gold foot.

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