Five Reasons Why You Need Air Conditioning Repair, Salt Lake City, UT

Five Reasons Why You Need Air Conditioning Repair, Salt Lake City, UT

In the Salt Lake City area, HVAC services are something that many people need at one time or another. The summers can be hot and dry, and the winters can be cold and snowy. Having a reliable air conditioning system is essential for keeping your driving experience comfortable year-round.

However, the heating system can break down due to age or wear and tear. When this happens, it's necessary to call a qualified auto air conditioning service specialist in Salt Lake City, UT, to inspect. Our HVAC technicians at Jerry Lambert Automotive in Salt Lake City, UT, are trained to troubleshoot an auto HVAC system of all makes and models. They will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and get your air conditioning systems up and running again.

When your vehicle's air conditioning fails, it can make journeys inconvenient as you try to deal with the heat. We will discuss some of the main reasons you need air conditioning repair services.

The refrigerant is Leaking

Your coolant in the air conditioning unit is as important as your engine's oil. Since the ac system isn't used as much in the cold season as it is in the summer, these leakages are more common in the winter. The seals dry out as it is not used very often, and the cooling levels drop, causing warm air to escape.

When your vehicle loses refrigerant, there may be a leak. You are required by law to conduct a leak test. You can purchase leak sensors to locate where the leaks are, but your best choice is to head to your reliable air conditioning services in Salt Lake City, UT, for maintenance.

Your Cooler is Broken

A working cooling fan conserves energy by only running when the ac unit needs to remove heat away from the engine. Once your cooling fan breaks, your vehicle will only release hot air, affecting the air quality.

The cooling fan may be broken because of debris buildup, a defective cooling fan thermal switch, damaged fuses, or circuit issues. In such cases, you should have your car inspected. A qualified mechanic can check the cooling fan motor and the connecting wires.

Problem with the Condenser or Radiator

The strong refrigerant vapors leaving the compressor will not get cooled if your radiator isn't functioning. Debris accumulation or breakage can be its reason.

If the condenser is faulty, the coolant will leak, and the ac will stop working. Many gaskets and tubes are in the condenser, and they wear out over time. If you notice runny, greenish traces around the affected area, it might have a leakage.

Meanwhile, a broken radiator could damage an air conditioner belt, freon line, or electrical connections, causing the air conditioning units to fail. You will need a condenser or radiator replacement to resolve the problem.

Compressor Failure

A faulty compressor clutch can result in insufficient or no refrigeration from your air conditioning system. The compressor is not perfectly working if the interior temperatures are higher than average or when you hear loud noises when it starts running. You may notice high-pitched noises if the compressor's internal parts break or its bearing gives up.

Turn on the air conditioners and have the compressor and clutch switch undergo testing for functionality. Your trustworthy specialists can inspect the system for problems and make necessary repairs. They'll check to see if the oil in the compressor is contaminated, flushing it before adding new oil.

Electrical Issue

Loose wiring, such as broken wires, ripped fuses, or destroyed temperature sensors, can cause electrical problems with your vehicle's ac. The longer you ignore these electrical issues, the more acid will ramp up. Acid accumulation can cause severe damage and corrosion to ac parts.

Air Conditioner Repairs at Salt Lake City, UT, Jerry Lambert Automotive

Your car's ac is no different from the residential and commercial heating systems. They need proper maintenance to keep them in shape and give you comfort while driving in any weather conditions. For a reliable air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City, UT, do not hesitate to call our skilled technicians. We at Jerry Lambert Automotive are dedicated to providing excellent service. Schedule an appointment today, call us at (801) 895-7851, or you may also visit us at 398 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115.



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