Causes of Decreasing Gas Mileage

Whether you drive a new or used car, a 2018 model or a classic, gas mileage is an important factor for you as a vehicle owner. Modern vehicles are built with better and better gas mileage, but many owners will notice that over time, their gas mileage begins to decrease for reasons they can’t quite pinpoint.

At Jerry Lambert Automotive, several parts oour automotive maintenance services will help you maintain your vehicle’s gas mileage. From basic oil change services up to larger repairs and emissions, we’ve got you covered completely in this area. We can also offer some important expertise on the subject – here are six common causes of decreasing gas mileage in a vehicle, plus how you can ward off these developments with simple habits.

Causes of Decreasing Gas Mileage

Driving Habits

Driving aggressively on a regular basis can wear down several elements of a vehicle, and is also likely wasting your gas. Revving the engine is a common aggressive driving tactic – this directly burns fuel for no actual purpose.

A similar practice that isn’t aggressive, but can be just as damaging? Idling the car for too long in the mornings. Many people falsely believe their engine needs several minutes to warm up from the cold, but in reality, it only needs about 30 seconds – doing so for longer is just burning fuel unnecessarily.

AC Usage

The air conditioning is necessary during some parts of the year, but during others, it can be avoided to save gas. The AC uses a lot of gas to power the system, and you’re better served just rolling down window when the temperatures are mild outside.

Oil Type

The oil you use in your engine plays a big role in decreasing friction and getting optimal performance. If you’re using a standard oil choice, consider synthetic or a blend that might help.

Fuel Injectors

In a vehicle, fuel injectors are the parts that run fuel to the engine to allow it to operate. But these injectors can become dirty or clogged over time, or may develop leaks – this means less fuel finds its way to the engine, which lowers your gas mileage and also damages your engine’s overall performance. This is the kind of issue our pros can identify and repair for you.

Spark Plugs

If you’ve checked several of the other areas we’ve mentioned here and still can’t locate the reason for your decreasing gas mileage, have our mechanics check your spark plugs. They may be misfiring or otherwise functioning imperfectly, and impacting your gas mileage as a result.

Sensors and Filters

Oxygen sensors are in the car to help the engine balance air and fuel levels to keep the vehicle efficient, but they can become dirty and function sub-optimally. The same goes for air filters, which allow the engine to “breathe” – but won’t be able to do this as well if they’re dirty. Our pros can ensure your filters and sensors are clean, or replace them if not.

For more on the causes of lowering gas mileage, or to learn about how any of our auto repair services can help, speak to the pros at Jerry Lambert Automotive today.

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