Auto Repair and Service in Salt Lake City - 5 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Utah Drivers

Auto Repair and Service Salt Lake City UT

Like how the old saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. This is particularly true when it comes to automotive care. After all, the last thing you’d want is getting stuck on Salt Lake City highway with a broken car.


As such, our experienced technicians from Jerry Lambert Automotive share five commonly ignored tips that can prevent unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs in the future.

1. Drive your car at least once every week.

This may sound too simple, but using your car regularly is excellent for keeping it in good health. Even if you stay at home for long periods, try driving it for at least 30-60 minutes every week. If you leave it sitting in the garage for a while, the battery may get fully drained, and automotive fluids might dry up.


You may also notice vibrations and clunking sounds from under the hood when first using your car after a while. If you experience these symptoms, call our auto repair and service specialists in Salt Lake City right away. Forcing it to run in this condition can potentially damage your engine block.

2. Keep an eye on your radiator coolant.

You should schedule a radiator flush with our shop in Salt Lake City every 100,000 miles or five years. Our techs cannot stress this tip enough, especially for a place like Utah with hot summers. 


If you delay your repair and service appointment, the coolant will gradually become more acidic. This may corrode parts of your radiator and increase the risks of overheating. Moreover, it can damage your head gasket and warp seals around the engine.

3. Check the wiper blades of your vehicle often.

Wipers may seem unimposing, but they have a significant impact on your driving and overall safety. Wiper blades generally need replacement at least once a year. This is particularly important for preparing your vehicle for frosty winters.


During cold months, snow may harden the rubber and cause the wipers to leave patches on the glass. Just visit our auto repair shop in Salt Lake City when this happens, and our service specialists will eagerly assist you. Wiper blades can also stick to the windshield when left in the cold for too long. You can spray them with rubbing alcohol to help melt the ice and lift them off the glass.

4. Maintain the correct tire pressure and check for tire tread wear.

Keeping the factory-recommended tire pressure can reduce the strain on your vehicle and improve gas mileage. On average, this is around 40 PSI for trucks and 32-36 PSI for most cars. Just note that it may vary depending on the make and model, so refer to the manual from your dealer.


Similarly, you should visually inspect your tire treads at least once a month. If they are less than 1/8 of an inch deep, you need a tire replacement ASAP since this directly affects your safety. Our auto repair and service shop in Salt Lake City offers this service and an expansive inventory of high-quality tires. We also perform wheel alignment and tire rotation to prevent rapid or uneven tire wear.

5. Drive with care along Salt Lake City roads every day.

Good driving habits can benefit the longevity and reliability of your vehicle. For instance, you should not race the engine during start-up. Moreover, you should gently accelerate when you begin your drive. According to experts, the most wear to the drivetrain and automotive engine occurs during the first few minutes of operation.


Additionally, you should observe posted speed limits and avoid fast turns and stops. Roads in Utah are generally well-maintained, but keeping an eye on the occasional pothole won’t hurt. Do away from slamming on the brakes, and come to a complete stop before reversing.

Auto Repair and Service in Salt Lake City, UT

Follow these tips, and don’t ignore seemingly minor issues with your vehicle to keep it reliable for many years to come. And for all your auto repair and service needs, just call Jerry Lambert Automotive. Our automotive shop in Utah is an authorized NAPA center and home to friendly ASE-certified mechanics.

You can sit back and rest assured that we will take care of your vehicle like it’s our own. Make an appointment online or visit our auto repair facility at 398 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115.



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