Are you driving any Lexus model? Or are you hearing from your car that it needs repair?

Are you driving any Lexus model? Or are you hearing from your car that it needs repair?

Getting acquainted with your car is building a relationship with your possession. It will be easier for you to notice warning signs and repair signals. You'll be familiar if your car is working fine or not.

As a Lexus owner, you would not want to put your prized possession in jeopardy right? In this article, I’ll show you how to adhere to your car’s repairs and do it with a great job on time.

Lexus has been one of the luxurious and the most legendary Toyota models in recent times. Lexus was created for being conservative and resilient to trends and changes. It does not go with the hype immediately. It is one of those cars that has a durable quality in them. But having this quality does not mean they are untouchable. That is why a premium Lexus Repair service is needed to make the engine serve its life service.

Here are the top 10 signs to look for when your Lexus needs a repair:

Refusal to switch gears - If you struggle to switch gears or the vehicle is unresponsive when you are about to switch gears, then you have a transmission problem with your car. You may have the wrong transmission fluid or you have low transmission. The best way to check this is to have expert mechanics check it up for you.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke or a Burning Sensation - When you smell something like a burning sensation, your coolant is burning or overheating. If ever you notice excessive smoke coming from your exhaust, the color of the smoke will better help you identify the problem, this only means that you need a Lexus repair. Different smoke colors signify different engine problems. Blue smoke represents a burning oil, white smoke represents a burning coolant and black smoke represents that too much gasoline is being used up. These are signs that you need to take into account.

Engine Noise - Weird or Knocking noises coming from your car signal you that something is not right with the engine. As old people say, the sound of your engine says a lot about how healthy your vehicle is. The odd noise that you hear lets you know that some parts or components in your engine system are damaged or distorted. When you hear this noise, it is better to have it check at the earliest possible time, to address the damage on time.

Slipping Gears - Slipping gears while you’re driving is a dangerous scenario, especially when you are in traffic and your gears are failing you, it does not only expose danger to you but also to other motorists on the road. When this happens, need to inform your mechanic of the situation right away and have him look it up.

Dragging Clutch - Lexus has been known to have the most stable clutch system from their old models being adapted to their new models also. So, it is important to take note that if ever you hit on the clutch pedal and it disintegrates, you need to have an authorized Lexus Repair Shop check your vehicle.

Fluid Leakage - This is the most obvious and easiest to notice, when you spot a red something fluid under your car in your garage, you need to let your mechanic know of the situation and let them check your transmission fluid levels.

Check Engine Light - When the engine light is lit up on your dashboard, it signifies both minor and significant abnormalities in your car. The earlier it will check the earlier you will know what the real problem is and you get to solve it at an earlier time also. So, you are avoiding future complications that may arise if left unchecked or abandoned.

Grinding or Shaking Syndrome - If your car does shake when you are driving it, there may be an internal problem with it. This may happen, especially when you are changing gears and your car is grinding is shaking. You should let your mechanic check your car.

Stalling - Have you ever experience that your car suddenly dies in the middle of the road while you’re driving? If yes, then probably this might be a bigger warning for you that something inside your engine has a bigger problem. This could impose great danger to you since sudden stopping or idling would mean that you are unable to control your vehicle anymore.

Unresponsive - This has been one of the obvious reasons if your car is having trouble or not. Whenever you change gears, hit on that foot brake or you hit on the clutch pedal and it does not do anything, then it indicates that you need to let your mechanic check and diagnose the problem.

Now that you already know the top 10 signs your Lexus needs a repair, it is still best to run your personal maintenance & car care schedule. In this manner, it will enable you to have your car check from time to time. Some maintenance activities, like tire change, oil change must be taken care of every 5, 000 miles. Lexus models whether old or new, require some updates frequently depending on the model and the year it was released. Different models vary from other models when it comes to changing their brake pads. It is also important to take note of the dates when your car was updated, repaired, and the latest maintenance tasks are done to keep you up to date, especially with your mileage.

More, it is always the best choice to choose the right auto repair service which has a bunch of mechanic experts who understand the build-up of every Lexus model. You would not want your car to hand over with mediocre service, you should trust them with high-quality auto-repair service, and that even for a simple oil change, you would see how well they do it and the customer service that you’ll experience.



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