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5 Tips to Reduce Expenses on Vehicle Repair in Salt Lake City, UT

5 Tips to Reduce Expenses on Vehicle Repair in Salt Lake City, UT

The last thing you’d want is getting stuck on a Salt Lake City highway with a blown engine. Cars are prized investments, but issues may show up over time - even with powerful luxury models. Without proper maintenance, we can end up surprised and paying a lot for a major repair. That is why we are sharing five tips for taking care of and monitoring your vehicle's condition. These are simple steps that you can do on your own to reduce the risks of unplanned auto repairs and save money in the long run. Experts’ Advice onVehicle Repair in Salt Lake City, Utah Most auto mechanics will tell you to follow your 5000-mile/six-month maintenance appointment strictly. Our master technicians at Jerry Lambert Automotive agree with this, but we also believe that we should take a more proactive and preventative stance. If you notice small performance issues or weird sounds from the eng ... read more



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