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Tips for Tire Care Between Auto Service Visits

When it comes to your vehicle, no matter the make or model, tires are some of the most important elements. Key for both safety and performance, tires are part of the foundation of any car, truck, SUV or other vehicle.  At Jerry Lambert Automotive, we have tire service available for every vehicle on the road. Beyond offering options like mounting, balancing and rotation, we can also show you a few handy tips for keeping an eye on your tires as you drive between service appointments. Here are a few important areas to consider: Tread Depth One of the most important parts of the tire is the tread, which is what actually grips the road and allows you a high level of control while you drive. It’s also very important for braking, one of the largest safety areas when driving a vehicle. Unfortunately, though, tread depth does wear down over time as tires spin hundreds of thousands of ... read more

Diagnosing Vehicle Leak Meanings

Particularly for those who aren’t too car-savvy, there’s nothing worse than finding a leak coming from your vehicle. There are several different liquids in a given car, and those of us who aren’t automotive professionals might be intimidated in these situations. Luckily, the pros at Jerry Lambert Automotive are here to help. Our services include everything frombattery replacement to brake repair, oil changes and more, and we can also identify and address any leak issues taking place. But we also want to help relieve any stress or panic you might have upon first noticing the leak to begin with – with that in mind, here are some basics on the common sources of leaks, plus what the appearance of the leak can tell you about what your next steps should be.  Leak Source The first step when you discover a leak from your vehicle is determining where it’s coming ... read more

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