5 Signs You Need Brake Service for Your Vehicle

The importance of your brakes can’t be emphasized enough. You need to know that they wear down and need brake service when you notice changes in your car’s stopping power. Failing to maintain your brakes may result in costly repairs, and worse may lead to dangerous situations while you are on the road.

When lives are at stake, you need to take notice, but there are times when it’s hard to tell if your brakes are failing especially in older vehicles. We have come up with a list of the top signs you need to look out for that indicate that your brakes need servicing. 

Never Overlook These Warning Signs for Brake Service Repair

Brake service is one of the most important maintenance tasks that you can never overlook. Brakes wear out, and they need regular maintenance and replacement when needed to work correctly.

Your vehicle gives clear signs that your brakes are failing or are due for servicing. When you notice these five warning signs, go to your auto shop immediately to have your brakes diagnosed and repaired. Safety on the road is a top priority for car owners.

Poor Response

When you step on your brake pedal your car should stop in a short period. If your brakes don’t respond well, you may have a problem with your hydraulic system. Leaks often result in poor braking performance, your pedal will feel soft and won’t respond well even when you press hard on the pedal.

You can either have an air leak in your brake hose or leaking hydraulic fluid. You need to go to your brake service technician at once. If your brakes are poor, you should consider having your vehicle towed instead of risking an accident. Poor brake response can be dangerous, especially if you drive on the highway.

Screeching Sounds

If you hear loud screeching or grinding noises while braking, you should visit your auto shop at once. These warning signs indicate that your brake pads are worn out and it is making direct contact with your brake rotors. Your brake rotor can be repaired if it is in its early stages of wear or may need to be replaced if it can’t be evened out. 

Brake rotor repair and replacement can be very costly, so you need to replace brake pads regularly. Don’t wait until you hear weird sounds before you have them replaced. Regular checks would be a good idea, especially if you drive your car aggressively.

Vehicle Pulls to One Side

There are times when you experience your car pulling to one side when you brake. Misaligned tires cause brake pads to wear down quickly while your brake pads on the other side wear down at the normal rate. This will result in less braking efficiency in the misaligned tire side and causes your car to slow down quickly on one side, resulting in your car pulling to one side. To address this issue, have your car wheels aligned and check on your brake pads. 

Another cause of this pulling effect is having foreign materials in your brake fluid. If debris gets into your hydraulic system, braking pressure can be compromised, causing uneven braking. If you notice your car pulling to one side while braking but not pulling while driving, misalignment is not the issue. Have your mechanic check your braking system and have foreign materials removed from your brake fluid.  

Vibration When Braking

When you experience excessive vibration while braking, your rotors may be warped. If you tend to brake extensively for long periods, the heat generated can cause rotors to wear unevenly against your brake pads. You get vibration due to brake pads making uneven contact with your rotors.

If this occurs, you should set an appointment with your auto technician at once.

Burnt Smell

If you notice a sharp burnt odor after braking hard, it may be a sign of overheating brakes. Park on the side of the road to allow your brakes to cool down. Brake fluids that boil can cause brake failure. If smoke is coming out from your wheel you may have a stuck brake caliper. Stop driving immediately and have your car towed to your brake repair service shop.

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Brake parts wear out in time, and delaying brake service can put you and your passengers in danger. At Jerry Lambert Automotive, we can accurately diagnose your brake problem and provide repair services for all car makes and models.

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When brake problems strike, get in touch with us immediately to prevent further damage to your vehicle. Delays can cost you more in repair expenses and, worse, end up with even more expensive replacement.

Get in touch with our auto brake experts to find the best solution for your system issues. Give us a call or send us a message on our website.  



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