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A vehicle’s axle is the shaft that rotates the wheels or tires. In the case of cars and trucks, the axle also bears the weight of the vehicle, plus the weight of passengers or cargo. In some vehicles, the axle also works as an integral component of the steering. When it’s part of the power steering process, the axle employs a system of steering fluids and other components to make sure that your vehicle turns smoothly.

Modern vehicles use what is called a split axle. A split axle means that the left and right wheels of the axle are attached via a separate shaft, giving them independent suspension, allowing for a smoother drive. Because these wheels are independent, a component called a differential can be added. A differential allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds when the vehicle is turning, improving the traction of the wheels, which can potentially extend the lifespan of the tires.

One of the most vulnerable parts of an axle is the CV joint. The CV joint connects the shaft to the wheel and allows the wheels to turn at different angles. To decrease the risk of damage to the joints, some axles come with a CV joint boot. The CV joint boot is a protective covering that encompasses the joint.

The axle is a very important part of your vehicle, which is why you should bring it to an auto-care center the moment you notice anything wrong. Warning signs of a potential problem include loud clicks, difficulties in turning, or excessive shaking during driving. Any of these signs could mean a damaged axle, which might lead to a serious accident in the long run.

Keep your car running safely and smoothly with Jerry Lambert Automotive’s axle repair service. We use only the latest technology and techniques to give customers the most appropriate and efficient solutions to their problems. Contact us today, and one of our ASE certified technicians will help assess and identify any issues regarding your car’s axle.

For more information about how axles work, refer to the video below:

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