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A vehicle’s air conditioning unit works in much the same way as any HVAC system: by using cooled air, the AC moves the heat from inside a particular space, in this case a car, and transfers it to the outside.

Car ACs accomplish this efficiently because the space they must cool is small. Thus, less energy is required to cool the interior of a vehicle as compared to a room or a house.

A car’s AC system has roughly the same parts as any other large HVAC system, though. As such, they work in roughly the same way, although in a smaller, more compact space.

When a vehicle’s AC unit is started, a compressor puts pressure on a refrigerant. Modern vehicle AC units use an eco-friendly substance called R-134a. This substance is safer and ozone-friendlier than its predecessor, Freon.

Refrigerants cool air by passing in between the various parts of the air-conditioning unit, absorbing heat and transferring it to the outside of the car. The refrigerant turns from liquid to gas and back to liquid multiple times as it goes around the AC unit.

Despite their size, car air-conditioning units are complicated pieces of machinery, with various parts that can break down and compromise the entire system. When this happens, it could make the inside of your car uncomfortable, especially in the summer months.

Whether it’s replenishing your refrigerant or repairing a compressor, always make sure that your car’s AC unit is running at peak performance. Jerry Lambert Automotive has an in-house team of air-conditioner specialists who can inspect your car’s AC system from top to bottom.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you figure out the best solution to your vehicle AC needs. If you want to learn more about how air conditioning works in general, watch the video below:

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