• Automotive Tips from Jerry Lambert Automotive: Knowing When Your Timing Belt Should Be Replaced

    Sunday 25 June 2017

    The timing belt in your engine controls the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves. Salt Lake City drivers need to replace it on a schedule to avoid failure.Timing belts are very difficult to get to, requiring quite a bit of labor to access. Timing belt replacement is one of the more expensive maintenance services, but the cost at Jerry Lambert Automotive to correct an engine damaged by a broken timing belt is much, much more.The timing belt has a tensioner to help mainta... read more

  • Video IconPicking the Right Tires in Salt Lake City

    Monday 19 June 2017

    Shopping for tires in Salt Lake City can be bewildering because there are many choices. Let's simplify. There are four main classifications of tires, each designed for different purposes.First off, there are summer tires. Those who buy summer tires in Salt Lake City are looking for maximum summertime performance. The rubber is a little softer to help stick to the road on fast corners on Utah roads. The tread has wide blocks at the shoulder to stiffen the ti... read more

  • Automotive Tips from Jerry Lambert Automotive: Causes of Wheel Misalignment

    Sunday 11 June 2017

    When properly aligned, all of your wheels are pointed in the same direction. Your vehicle will track true and handle the way it is designed. Salt Lake City drivers often associate our wheels being “knocked” out of alignment with an event like a major crash, hitting a pothole, curb or some other object. While these can certainly take your wheels out of alignment, the bumps and bounces of everyday Salt Lake City driving take their toll on wheel alignment as well. Your car can... read more

  • Video IconSerpentine Belt Service at Jerry Lambert Automotive

    Sunday 04 June 2017

    Most Salt Lake City folks occasionally have days when they've got a bunch of errands to run. Yesterday was my day off and I needed to fill the gas tank, pick up some groceries at my Salt Lake City market, swing by the ATM and get the kids from school. I could have made four trips . . . but that would have been totally inefficient. Instead I got unusually organized and planned my stops. I hit the ATM first and got gas next. Then I went to the supermarket and picked up the kids on the way home. I... read more

  • Improve Fuel Economy with Proper Maintenance at Jerry Lambert Automotive in Salt Lake City

    Thursday 01 June 2017

    With Salt Lake City gas prices being what they are, many of us in Utah are driving less and looking into purchasing smaller or more efficient vehicles. Salt Lake City area residents who have to drive a lot, have large families or need four-wheel drive are particularly hard hit by the cost of fuel in Utah. But there are things all Salt Lake City drivers can do to save fuel: We can improve our driving habits and stay on top of preventive maintenance at Jerry Lambert Automotive. Th... read more

  • Video IconExhaust Service at Jerry Lambert Automotive: Passing the Smell Test

    Monday 22 May 2017

    The exhaust system on a vehicle is more complex than most Salt Lake City residents realize. It contains everything from old-fashioned pipes and clamps to sophisticated computers and sensors. All Utah folks know a properly functioning exhaust system is good for the environment, but sometimes we forget that a damaged exhaust system can be deadly. That's why preventive maintenance on your exhaust system is so important. We can help you with that at Jerry Lambert Au... read more

  • Salt Lake City Drivers: What Is the Risk of High Oil Change Intervals?

    Tuesday 16 May 2017

    Salt Lake City residents may have heard that vehicles don't need their oil changed as often as they used to. That's true. But it's not the whole story.Owing to improved engine technology and higher oil quality, most newer vehicles can go longer between oil changes than their older counterparts.So what is a good time interval for oil changes? How do Salt Lake City residents know when to change it? And why do we change it in the first place?Oil lubricates a vehicle's engine, which protects it from... read more

  • How Does Jerry Lambert Automotive Know What to Recommend?

    Sunday 07 May 2017

    When you drop your vehicle off at Jerry Lambert Automotive in Salt Lake City, they don't just poke around under your hood looking for stuff to do. Jerry Lambert Automotive professionals have lists and procedures they follow for different types of service. First of all, your Salt Lake City service center will note the mileage on your vehicle. They'll then check to see what inspections and services the vehicle manufacturer recommends for a vehicle of your make, model and mile... read more

  • Video IconJerry Lambert Automotive Alternator Replacement Service in Salt Lake City

    Sunday 30 April 2017

    Your vehicle alternator doesn't get enough credit. Though your battery gets your engine started, after that – it's all about the alternator.  Driving around Salt Lake City is a lot of work for your alternator, and as upgrades such as heated steering wheels, cooled seats, stability control and lane departure warning become more common, it will have to work even harder. Eventually this workhorse just wears out. When it does you have no choice but to order an alternator repl... read more

  • Jerry Lambert Automotive Automotive Tips: Diagnostic Service

    Tuesday 25 April 2017

    Imagine waking up one morning with a stomach ache. You pick up the phone, call the doctor’s office and say, “I’ve got a really bad tummy ache. How much will it cost to make me feel better?” Of course you wouldn’t do that. You know that there could be a lot of reasons for your symptoms and that the doctor will have to examine you, ask some questions and probably run some tests before she can tell you what’s wrong and give you treatment options. This same scenar... read more

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